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9 hidden pool dangers you dont pay attention to

9 hidden pool dangers you dont pay attention to - Swimming should be recreational activities at the weekend turned out to be hiding a number of health risks. There are some dangerous diseases that lurk in the pool every visitors. When you think of swimming dangers you might think about drowning or dealing with animal encounters, but there are so many other dangers hiding in a public swimming pool and other large bodies of water that you can't even imagine.

Most of the public swimming pools has indeed been sterilized with chlorine to kill pathogenic bacteria in pond water. But that does not mean the public swimming pool of guaranteed secured completely. The effect of disinfectant from chlorine could take quite a long time and is not capable of killing all kinds of bacteria that are in the pool. Hence, what are the swimming pool danger to look out for?

hidden pool dangers you dont pay attention to

1. Feces in a pool can make you sick 
This is more common than you think more common than anyone would want to acknowledge, no one blames you if you don't want to think about this one because it's pretty stinky, but it's important to consider it when it comes to pool safety. The Center for Disease Control found that 58 percent of water filters they examined in public pools tested positive for e.coli bacteria found in feces, you can get sick with Cryptosporidium if you happen to open your mouth and swallow water in a contaminated pool, ironically getting sick with crypto can give you diarrhea, nausea, and stomach cramps for up to three weeks. If you've had children over to your house pool and you've spotted a dirty diaper in the water empty the pool of swimmers and follow the CDC's recommendations for disinfecting your pool.

2. You can get an ear infection 
when water is left in your ears from your swimming escapades it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, unbalanced disinfected levels in a pool increase the risk of getting swimmers here, you might not know you have it at first since the symptoms are pretty mild, but after a few days you can go from oh my ear feels funny to what the heck is happening, make it stop hurting. The good news is that the infection can usually be treated with your drops, the best way to prevent this is to dry your ears after swimming, so make sure you don't go too far into your ear canal and that you dry your ears gently with a soft cloth padding only the outside part.

3. Copper and iron can turn your hair green 
If you are blonde or have light hair and visit a swimming pool you might get a shock when you look in the mirror afterward, and notice your hair has changed color. Chlorine does have a little bit to do with this phenomenon but what really causes it is the way chlorine interacts with copper pipes and other metals in the water, to stop looking like the grinch you'll need a shampoo designed to be used by swimmers, it should have ingredients that can get the metal out of your hair, to prevent it from happening when all of your hair before getting into the water, this will slow down how fast the chlorine and metals are absorbed by your hair.

4. Chlorine can set off your asthma 
This might be TMI, too much information but the characteristic chlorine smell is what you get when chlorine mixes with sweat hair, urine, and skin. It's natural that the harsh chlorine smell that a pool is unpleasant to many people, however for asthma sufferers that strong smell can actually irritate their lungs, and they don't even have to be in the water for their asthma to get worse. A study published in the European respiratory journal followed a group of people who worked in indoor pools, it tested the participants by asking them to stay away from the chlorine pools for several days, the study showed that a lack of exposure had either removed all asthmatic symptoms or drastically reduced them.

5. You can get athlete's foot 
You go to the salon and get a pedicure so you can flash perfect nails when you go to the pool later on, only to leave the pool with a bad case of athletes foot, unfortunately swimming pools are one of the top places where athlete's foot gets passed on, along with communal showers and changing rooms. If there's a person swimming in the pool with athlete's foot there might not be anything you can do a while in the water when you can take steps to prevent it, always wear sandals when you are in the public areas that surrounds the pool, wash your body and feed after you've been in the pool and pat your feet dry immediately after leaving the pool, you can also wear water shoes so you'll know there's absolutely no chance you'll get athlete's foot.

6. Pool lights can be electrical hazards
Electrocution from pool lights and states of disrepair has occurred and not many people are aware of it, after all how often do you think of the electrical equipment in the swimming pool you're about to have fun in, avoiding this situation requires regular pool maintenance, as a visitor you can ask how often the pool is maintained, as a pool owner it's a good idea to get someone in regularly to check that the electrical equipment in the pool remains covered and protected. If you are in a pool and you get a tingling sensation on your body leave the water immediately as there might be an electrical current, if you suspect that someone is getting electrocuted turn off all the power and call for help.

7. Be aware of dry drowning 
It sounds like a horror story, someone survives drowning in water and seems to be alright, only to succumb to dry drowning less than an hour later, when a person faces drowning they might gulp down water, even if they have been rescued if they have taken in water the muscles in the windpipe can begin to constrain in the minutes that follow, the water that was ingested can begin to fill up the lungs with fluid, these mechanisms make it so that a person's breathing can become completely restricted, if someone survived drowning and they are coughing or beginning to gasp for air it's to head directly to the emergency room, to prevent this situation always head to a doctor after a near drowning.

8. Chlorine can damage your hair 
So many people put so much effort into making sure their hair is healthy, shiny and strong. So it can be very disappointing when a single day at the pool makes your hair dry and brittle, if you think about it it makes sense, chlorine is a harsh chemical meant to get rid of harmful bacteria, unfortunately it can get rid of the healthy oils in your hair in the process, chlorine can weaken your hair strands, caused split ends, and even cause discoloration of your hair, and it's not like getting nice highlights. In extreme cases if your hair is already damaged to start with prolonged exposure to high levels of chlorine can lead to some of your hair falling out, the best way to prevent any damage befalling your precious locks is to wear a swimming cap, if you aren't a fan of a cap then rinse your hair as soon as you leave the water, you can also apply oils to your hair.

9. If you are sick you could be a danger to others
It's important to be mindful of these hidden swimming dangers that might be waiting for you in a pool, but it's also vital that you know how to be a good neighbor and not bring bacteria to others, this might get personal for a moment. But if you've recently had diarrhea it might be best for you to stay at home or go on a hike instead, you might think all's well but people who are recovering from diarrhea and go swimming can spread the crypto bacteria to others, if you have an open wound it won't only be you're already painful wound at risk of getting worse but can also pass germs to other swimmers, besides chlorine can irritate your wound even more, so it's best to wait until your wound is fully healed.

Swimming is an amazing way to stay fit, so don't let these facts scare you, instead just make sure the swimming pool you're visiting gets regular maintenance and has passed all safety inspections.

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