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19 Places to Escape to When You Want to Disconnect

19 Places to Escape to When You Want to Disconnect - How far away can you get from other people? With traffic jams annoying neighbors busy streets and overcrowded malls there have probably been plenty of times in your life when you dreamed of living as far away from other people as you possibly could, that's just wishful thinking though since you're unlikely to find a place on earth that isn't densely populated, but is that really the case? we're about to see just how far away from other human beings you can get by looking at the ten most remote and least inhabited places of the world, pack your bags and let's go.

places to escape to when you want to disconnect

19 Places to Escape to When You Want to Disconnect

1.  Socontra island, Arabian Sea
This archipelago is a world in itself, one-third of its flora and fauna can't be found anywhere else on earth, if you get there some crazy-looking trees will make you feel like you're on another planet, they literally look alien.

2. Oymyakon Siberia
This town became famous for being the coldest place in the world, in winter the exceptionally few residents there have to deal with average temperatures of 55 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, this is even too cold for planes to reach Oymyakon, which is why you can only get there by car after driving non-stop for two days, if you like the cold and can't stand crowds, yeah.. there you go.

3. Hawaii U.S.
Believe it or not, Hawaii is one of the most remote locations on the planet, it's situated 2390 miles away from California, and 2308 miles away from Japan. Despite this extreme isolation the islands host lots of hotel entertainment and other tourist attractions, and it only takes five hours to fly there from Los Angeles.

4. Pitcairn Island, South Pacific
Pitcairn Island is actually British territory and it's so remote that the government of the UK has even been asking its citizens to go live there, right now only 50 people call this place home, and when a home it is despite being thousands of miles away from any inhabitable place, the island boasts beautiful turquoise water, green hills, and breathtaking landscapes.

5. The Kerguelen Islands, Indian Ocean
Also known as the desolation islands these rocky islands don't have any other inhabitants but for about a hundred researchers and scientists from France living there permanently. You can only get there by ship and even then you'll need to plan your trip long in advance, this ship departs just four times a year.

6. Easter Island, Polynesia
This famous place is also called Rapa Nui, which is technically part of Chile the island is covered with huge stone heads shrouded in a mystery that we're still struggling to understand. however remote this place can easily be reached by plane from Santiago Chile.

7. McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Surely you didn't think we'd forget Antarctica on a list of extremely remote places, after all, it's located on the bottom of the plane,t this is the only continent without a native population of humans and the only people that really live there are scientists and researchers, McMurdo Station is their base, located at the tip of Ross Island, to access this place you have to be either a military person a scientist or an artist, and the only means to get there is a special military plane that can land on ice.

8. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland
This hard-to-pronounce town is located in the mostly uninhabited territory of Greenland, this place is home to wildlife such as narwhals, arctic foxes, seals, and polar bears. As for the human residence, there's only about 450 of them who share a single supermarket in the town, you can get there by helicopter.

9. Motuo County, Tibet
This place has a population of about 11,000. The locals sustain themselves by farming soybean rice and cotton until 2513 Motul County had been inaccessible by road, and you would have had to track through the mountains for four days just to get there.

10. Tristan da Cunha, Atlantic Ocean
The winner of our list today is Tristan Dakota the most remote place in the world, it's located 17,000 miles away from South Africa and 2,000 miles away from South America. The nearest habitable place in st. Helena Island, which is 1,243 miles away and is pretty isolated from civilization itself, this volcanic island is currently home to 2,097 people, you won't find any restaurants hotels or even an airport here, you'll need to take a week-long journey by boat to get to this place, but again you'll have to plan ahead because this boat leaves from South Africa only 8 or 9 times a year.

Those were the most geographically remote locations on earth but how about the loneliest ones, where can you go if you don't want to be around other people? here are some tips for Hermits :

- Try Greenland first, despite more and more tourists going there each year, it's still one of the least densely populated places in the world, that's probably because most of Greenland is ironically covered with ice, a little more than 55 thousand people live in an area that's over 800 thousand square miles in size.

- If that's still too many people for your move to the Falkland Islands, there are about miles away from South America and have a population of just 3,000 residents, and most of these people live in the capital city called Stanley, so if you want even more solitude don't go to the capital.

- Mongolia houses one of the harshest places on the planet, the Gobi Desert. And don't let the name fool you, this dessert can offer you various terrains and temperatures, that from time to time go below freezing. Approximately 50,000 people call this unfriendly place their home but don't worry the territory is so big that you won't notice any neighbors.

- Now if you don't like extreme conditions try visiting a place where there are more squirrel monkeys than people we're talking about French Guiana, the population density on the island is just 2 people per square mile, this could be your perfect retreat if you like tropical jungles and monkeys.

- Or you could try the Australian outback, this is one of the least populated places on our planet, the outback is just another name for the biggest part of the desert that occupies a large portion of the continent, there are way more reptiles than humans in this area and some travelers even call it the end of the earth.

- Now another desert you can try out is the Western Sahara Desert, this place is unfriendly and unforgiving, however, you can join the 5,000 people that spread over a territory of 250,000 square miles, most of these brave souls are concentrated in urban areas in Morocco and Algeria. Okay, so the scorching hot sun of the desert isn't for you.

- Then why not head to Iceland, this place is among the absolutely loneliest on the planet, the country's population is mostly settled in the southwestern part of the island. Volcanoes, earthquakes, and glacial rivers make this place a little tricky to live in, maybe that's why there are less than three people per square mile.

- As for the most inhospitable place in the world where you'll feel isolated, it's snake island which belongs to Brazil, in case you couldn't guess by the name the island is full of snakes, in fact, according to statistics there's a snake for every 10 square feet of land, all the snake species found there are not only extremely aggressive but they're also fatally poisonous after they bite you they say things a lot, only scientists are allowed to visit snake island due to its incredibly dangerous nature, so unless you're a reptile this is at the top of the loneliest places on earth.

- But despite all these locations being staggeringly far away or shockingly deserted, there's one place on the planet nothing can compare to, point Nemo. you'll understand what we're talking about once you find out its second name the pole of inaccessibility, located in the South Pacific Ocean this is the most remote point in the world, unfortunately, point Nemo isn't a physical territory, there's no land there and you won't be able to bring home any souvenirs, it's just a spot in the ocean that's 400,15 nautical miles away from the nearest land.

And when we say land we mean the c-shaped uninhabitable strip of land called Dulce island, the most amazing thing about point Nemo though is that if you're there at the right time you'll be closer to the astronauts on the International Space Station than to any other human being on the surface of the planet.

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