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7 makeup tricks to help you look younger

7 makeup tricks to help you look younger - Everyone is beautiful just the way they are period, but if you're looking for some ways to emphasize your natural beauty, hide a few imperfections for a boost of confidence or look a little younger, then makeup could help you out with that.

7 makeup tricks to help you look younger

Here are seven tips to get you started :
7 makeup tricks to help you look younger

1. Primer
Before you paint a wall you apply primer right?, the same goes for your face, the point of a makeup base is to moisturize your skin to prepare it for a foundation, if you skip this step the skin will simply absorb all of the moisture out of the foundation which will only magnify fine lines wrinkles and dry patches. A facial moisturizer does the trick but you can also try a good quality primer, it'll help your foundation apply smoother and last longer.

Primers come in cream, gel, and spray format. There are those that mattify, fill in pores, or hydrate the skin. For mature skin definitely go specifically for a hydrating primer, it plumps the skin and visually smooth any unwanted texture and wrinkles. Start by making sure your hands are nice and clean, apply your makeup primer or moisturizer with your fingertips, gently massaging it into the skin. Spread it evenly all over your face and neck, make sure to get the areas under your eyes and around your nostrils.

2. Foundation
When it comes to mature skin the more lightweight your foundation is the better, anything with a matte formula or super high coverage, tends to highlight wrinkles and looks cakey on dry skin. Powder foundations also aren't ideal, since they can be very drying, blend liquid foundation in with a damp sponge.

All you gotta do is wet it in tap water and squeeze the excess liquid out, sponges aren't great for mature skin because they absorb some of the foundation to prevent any cakiness. While also giving the skin a little more moisture, it's best to pump some foundation onto the back of your hand and then dip the sponge in to apply it.

This also prevents you from putting too much on your face, if you have any dark circles or age spots still visible through your foundation some concealer will take care of that, just be very light handed in the under eye region since it can crease and exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles there. Set everything in place with a finely milled translucent powder not a powder foundation, it's too heavy and will only lead to cake fills.

3. Eyebrows
As we age our eyebrows become thinner that's why bolder brows can make you look younger, and that's where makeup can come in handy of course we're looking for natural enhancement, so just follow the shape of your natural brow but fill in the sparseness. If you have really sparse brows and pretty much need to draw on most of the shape then follow the nose to eye rule. Your eyebrow should start in line with the side of your nostril.

The arch should be in line with your nostril and the outside of your pupil, and finally the tail of your brow should be in line with your nostril and the outer corner of your eye. If you have dark hair use a brow pencil that's slightly lighter than your natural hair color, blonde-haired duties should use a pencil one shade darker, use light strokes and keep most of the density towards the middle and the tail.

4. Eyeshadow
Start by putting a tiny dab of eyeshadow primer on your lids, not only does it help I shadow last longer it also smooths the wrinkles on the lids and gives you an even base. This will really allow the true colors of your eyeshadows to pop, of course there are lots of different I shadow colors and looks that flatter different skin tones and eye shapes.

But the general rule is to keep darker colors toward the outer third of your lid, and lighter shadows as you move toward the inner corners. As for the lower lash line stay away from dark colors this can visually make your eyes look droopy. If you do apply dark colors to the lower lash line keep it toward the outer corner.

5. The upper lash line
Like your brows your eyelashes also get thinner with age and require a little enhancement for a youthful look, take a sharp eyeliner pencil and draw a thin black line right along the base of your top eyelashes. Color in the top waterline to give your lashes an even thicker appearance.

Deep brown can be an even better choice for lighter complexions. Since it looks more natural than black, use a cotton swab to lift the line at the outer corner of your eye to give your face a visually lifted look. Oh, and don't forget about mascara

6. Contouring and blush
As you age your plump cheeks disappear and gravity brings the soft tissue down to the jaw line, all that gives your face a tired and aged look and makes your cheeks look sunken in. Fortunately you can fix that with some contouring and blush, for contour powder you want to apply it below your cheek bone from the top of your ear toward the corner of your mouth.

Just don't bring it past the outer corner of your eye. Otherwise that can also make you look sunken in, as for blush simply apply it to the apples of your cheeks and sweep it back toward your ear. To find the apples of your cheeks all you got to do is smile.

7. Lips
Our lips tend to get thinner as we grow older especially the upper lip, luckily you can fix it visually without the need for lip fillers. Like eyeshadow, different lipstick colors suit different skin tones better but natural shades work on just about anyone. Peachy shades look beautiful on pale skin, medium skin tones can go a bit darker with Rose, mo, and berry shades.

If you have dark skin you can also try reds, Browns, and even purples. To make lipstick last longer use a lip liner and don't just line the outside of your lips, fill them in with the pencil too, for an ombre effect that will make your lips look plumper put a lighter shade in the middle and color the outer corners with a darker wine.

It's also worth mentioning that no pencil or lipstick looks good on dry chapped lips. Keep them exfoliated and moisturized with a lip scrub and lip balm, and like foundation matte lips aren't the most flattering on mature skin. Since they can emphasize fine lines and wrinkles so stick to satin formulas, and make use of lip gloss if your lipstick is a little on the drier side.

Before you run off to try these tips, please remember that the purpose of makeup is not to reverse aging or cover that lovely face of yours in a max. It's all about helping people of all ages highlight their already great features, and to just feel more confident. Plus makeup is fun, and there really are no rules. These tips just happen to have that magical effect of making you look more youthful and radiant.

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