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7 simple etiquette rules you don't know you are breaking

7 simple etiquette rules you don't know you're breaking - Good manners are as diverse as the people who show them, there are numerous etiquette rules and many are only applicable in certain countries. For example, Eskimo people rub noses when they greet each other, the Japanese always take their shoes off before entering a house and Thai citizens will never show their shoe soles it's considered inappropriate. Nevertheless there are some etiquette rules that should be followed no matter which nationality you are or where you live, unfortunately some of these important rules are frequently discarded nowadays.

simple etiquette rules you don't know you are breaking

7 simple etiquette rules you don't know you're breaking

1. Carrying bags
Now the modern lifestyle often gets a bit hectic, it demands that people should always be prepared for any unexpected development and so the number of things you need to have at hand can be overwhelming, that's why almost every person out there has some kind of bag to accommodate all this stuff, and if you ever carry a bag or two or three it's important to know how to deal with it. Always carry your bag on your left arm or shoulder so that your right hand is free for handshakes, if you're a man never carry a woman's purse even if you love her dearly, all you will achieve is looking weird.

At the same time this rule doesn't spread the heavy shopping bags, don't place your bag on the table or the floor next to you in a restaurant, either hang it on your chair or a hook, you can sometimes find the ladder on the side of or directly underneath the table. If you're in a crowded place don't carry your bag on the crook of your arm, if you absolutely need to carry bag this way hold it down with your other hand, otherwise hold it in front of you this way you won't accidentally hurt anyone.

2. Showing respect at the gym
The fact that the gym isn't a ballroom a posh restaurant or in office doesn't mean you can do whatever you want there and disregard others, there's still a correct way to do things properly, if you're late to a group exercise class don't barge your way through everyone toward your favorite spot, it's your fault that you're late so just take whatever space is available and don't block the equipment, after you've finished with weight machines we set them to the minimum weight.

This way the next person who uses them won't injure themselves if they start doing exercises without looking, trust me it happens. Use a towel to wipe your sweat from all handles and equipment surfaces after you've used them, everyone will probably agree that it looks downright gross if you're about to use a bench and notice a wet spot of somebody's sweat there. If you approach a piece of equipment be it a bench a squat rack or a lifting platform make sure that nobody is using it at that moment.

3. Behaving in public places
Now as members of society people should behave in a certain way when they're surrounded by others, there are three types of people in this world, those who arrive early, those who arrive on time, and those who arrive late. If you aren't the first type you'll inevitably have to pass in front of people at the theater at the movies in a concert hall or in any other place that is equipped with seats, the only right way to do it is by facing the other people and not turning your back toward them, if you are the first type you'll be the one that has to let people get through to their seat, in this situation don't remain sitting. It's inconvenient for people to climb over your legs, stand up to make it easier for them.

Now while we're still speaking about public places there are several rules you should never break, don't talk on your phone avoid commenting on what's happening in front of you and stop chatting with your neighbors right away, it's inappropriate at the movies at the theater or at a concert, people come to these events for one purpose to enjoy them listening to somebody's chatter isn't anyone's idea of fun, you can share your observations with your friends at a sports match only and even there it's rude and impolite to shout nasty stuff at the players, really.

4. Dealing with invitations
There are two types of invitation, regrets only and RSVP. Both require an answer if you want to be invited to other events in the future, if an invitation says regrets only you should only respond if you're sure that you will not attend, otherwise the host will count on you being there. RSVP respond is EVOO pay which is my bed French for please respond, on the other hand means that you must ride or call the host to confirm your presence at their event, you should do this within the requested period of time, the host needs to know exactly how many people will attend so that they can prepare the right amount of food beverages etc.

If you answer with a definite yes you can only change it to a no if there's a death in the family an illness or an injury, in these situations you should call the host immediately, if you simply don't show up at the event chances are high that your name will never appear on any future guest lists. By the way, if you use the my grandfather just died excuse more than two or three times for the same relative people will catch on, so be sure to change it up regularly.

5. Table manners
Judging by the amount of time most people spend eating out these days, it's only right to learn some etiquette lines. Using cloth napkins may seem simple but there are some rules to remember, if you need to leave the table for some time put your napkin on your chair, if you finished your meal you can place your napkin on the table, this is a sign for the waiter that you're done. Now they can come up and take away your dirty plates even so you should never put your napkin on top of your plate, put your fork on your plate if you need to take a break from eating, now if you aren't sure which fork you should use for each dish start with the one furthest from your plate, then work your way back toward your plate.

It's an awkward moment when you come to someone's house for dinner and see the shrimp's or peanuts you're allergic to on the table, to escape such a situation always notify your host of the foods you can eat due to health issues, it'll save you both a lot of trouble and maybe a ride in an ambulance, if you're in a small group of up to four people in a restaurant wait until everyone has been served before you start to eat, if it's a business or formal meal you can begin when the hosts ask you to do so, otherwise wait until everybody else has been served.

6. Dressing up for an occasion
Now dressing up can be incredibly tricky nowadays, there are so many different options it's a little certainty about what's right and what's not, here are some useful tips casual attire, this can be anything from a t-shirt and jeans to a pair of shorts and a blouse, it's a good idea to find out if you're going to be inside or outside, you can also ask others what they're going to wear, casual Friday usually happens in the office on Fridays right and this casual differs dramatically from one mentioned in the previous point.

In most companies casual Friday means you can swap your pants or skirt for a pair of jeans and leave your tie at home. Business casual, being neat is the answer here, ditch clothing that is too tied or oversized just be stylish. Formal business, this is perfect for professionals who want to always look dashing and our aiming to climb the career ladder, a suit and dark dress shoes for men and pumps a skirt and a blazer for women.

7. Being a people person
There are two simple rules to follow to make people secretly thank you in their head, when standing in line at a coffee shop don't talk on the phone especially when the barista has already started asking you questions, it's impolite to make everyone else wait and listen to your conversation. Don't bring your pets mostly dogs with you everywhere you go, first of all animals don't like shopping even if it's a pet store, in addition other people won't enjoy your big clumsy dog, a small barking dog won't make them happy either. The same goes for when you're invited to a house party, always ask if you can take your dog with him. Well, which human habits that go against etiquette rules bother you the most?.

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