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Rub your index finger for 60 seconds see what happens to you

Rub your index finger for 60 seconds see what happens to you - There are plenty of points on your hands that are connected with different internal organs, that's why massaging them can provide almost instant relief for pain in different parts of your body and even deal with short-term health problems.

rub your index finger for 60 seconds see what happens to you

Reflexology is a technique that's based on applying pressure to your feet, ears, and hands. There are a lot of areas on these body parts that correspond to various systems in your body, so rubbing particular points can help you to alleviate pain, relax your body, and relieve stress. First of all let's see what happens if you massage each of your fingers for seconds.

1. Index finger
Your index fingers are connected to your digestive system, in particular your spleen and stomach. If you rub any of your index fingers for a minute you can get rid of a stomach ache and relieve problems with your colon. Moreover, massaging your index finger may help with such issues as constipation diarrhea and heartburn, the index finger can also help to alleviate, abdominal, and menstrual pains in women. To do so, it's enough to press on the point below the nail of the index finger this point is on the side closer to the thumb.

2. Middle finger
Massage your middle finger if you are suffering from insomnia, every time you can't fall asleep, gently rub your middle finger for 60 seconds, this simple motion will also help if you start to feel nausea caused by motion sickness.

3. Ring finger
Massaging your ring finger will keep your lymph nodes healthy, the lymphatic system removes toxins from your body with the help of your filtering organs, and when you rub your ring finger you facilitate this process.

4. Pinky finger
You are pinky fingers along with your ring fingers can help you get rid of neck and back pain as well as migraines caused by poor blood circulation.

5. Thumb
As for your thumbs these fingers are connected to your heart and lungs, if you suffer from shortness of breath, massaging your thumbs will help you it will also slow down an overly rapid heartbeat, some specialists are sure that applying pressure to your thumbs can also help you to heal a bad cold.

Another interesting fact connected with a thumb is that if you blow on it for half a minute you'll feel calmer, less stressed, and more relaxed. However, your thumbs aren't the only part of your body that can lower your stress levels. Locate a spot 3 fingers down from your wrist, and press it with your thumb until you feel slight discomfort.

This pressure should interrupt your normal blood flow but shouldn't hurt you, massage this spot with your thumb and circular movements for one to two minutes. As soon as you finish doing this to both of your wrists you'll feel more relaxed and less stressed, a pressure point that can help you find your balance is situated on the side of your wrist where it meets with your hand.

Hold this point with the thumb and other fingers of your opposite hand for about two minutes, this will relieve internal tension. If you want to get rid of stress that is accumulated during the day you can massage a pressure point located on your foot, sit down and put your ankle on the opposite knee, place your thumb between the second and third toes, and move it down one third of the length of your foot.

After that apply pressure to this point and knead it for approximately two minutes, then repeat the same procedure on your other foot this will relieve stress and anxiety and help you fall asleep more easily. Some more extremely effective pressure points that will help you forget about stress are situated on your ears, try to give both of your ears a relaxing massage.

Use your thumbs and index fingers to pull on the low slightly and then rub the inner part of your ears, let this massage continue for about three minutes, you will feel calm and comforted all over.

6. Reflexology
Reflexology isn't the only way to calm your nerves and forget about stress here are three more unusual and sometimes even weird ways to deal with tension, and they actually work.

7. Eat garlic
when you eat garlic your body obtains organosulfur called allicin, this encourages your body to produce hydrogen sulfide, this in turn starts an internal reaction which triggers better blood flow by relaxing blood vessels. To put it in a nutshell, garlic is beneficial for your head and heart, in addition it assists in managing your stress levels.

8. Rub your Hoku
That's an area on your hand between your index finger and thumb, according to scientists from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University when you squeeze this area of skin for one to two minutes you reduce your stress levels by as much as 39 %.

9. Start to plan a vacation
This is the perfect activity to do when you feel stressed, planning a vacation serves as a great reminder that life isn't only about work and everyday problems, as a result you no longer feel so overwhelmed, even if you don't have time for a two-week vacation you can always organize a mini trip at the weekend.

10. Drink orange juice
WebMD states that vitamin C can physiologically reduce stress levels, and where can you find more vitamin C than in a glass of orange juice. By drinking orange juice you get a tasty vitamin boost and get rid of stress.

11. Munch on some carrots
Well, don't despair if you don't find carrots tempting you just need to eat something crunchy, try nuts crackers or apples, crunching helps to relieve physical tension and thus makes you feel utterly relaxed.

12. Get some chewing gum
in 2008 Australian professor Andrew skully, director for the center of human psychopharmacology at Swinburne University Melbourne, conducted an interesting study it concerned the benefits of chewing gum, according to this research when you chew gum the levels of the stress hormone cortisol go down, consequently the participants of the study stated that they felt more alert and less stressed after they had shoot some gum.

13. Put a rubber band around your wrist
This method isn't connected with your physiology or anything of the kind, it's more about training yourself. Here's how it works, every time you feel stressed snap the band you have around your wrist, trust me it's not a pleasant feeling, after you repeat this action enough times your body will associate getting stressed with this painful sensation, thus you'll subconsciously try to avoid feeling stressed.

14. Dance like there's no tomorrow
Dancing is an effective and fun way to reduce stress, besides it's a great physical exercise so you can kill two birds with one stone, you can easily do it at home just forget about all your problems and let yourself loose.

15. Blow bubbles
This activity has numerous benefits, first of all it's fun and can seriously improve your mood, on top of that it's a perfect way to relieve stress and tension, when you blow bubbles you have to take deep breaths and breathing deeply relaxes your body.

16. Cuddle with your pet
Pets aren't just cute creatures you feed and take care of they are also incredibly beneficial for your health, if you cuddle with your cat or pooch for several minutes you'll feel less stressed. Sit on the sofa with your cat on your lap, go for a walk with your dog. By the way, the latter isn't just a way to spend time with your pet walking is considered a stress relieving activity as well.

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