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What your butt shape says about your personality

What your butt shape says about your personality - When you know what to look for a person's facial and physical features can tell you a lot about their personality, this includes the shape of their butt too, and while every person's backside like their character is totally unique, there generally are four common shapes that are associated with certain personality traits. So let's see what your bum says about you.

What your butt shape says about your personality

What your butt shape says about your personality

1. The square-shaped but
This butt is characterized by a silhouette that doesn't change from the waist to the hips, giving it a square shape, it's commonly found on people with a more athletic build. in women a square butt is often linked with wearing casual clothes and being constantly on the move, these ladies are extremely determined and success oriented.

They try to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid junk food, at the same time they're creatures of habit and typically feel reluctant to change their set ways also if you're a girl with a square-shaped booty, you probably have a lot of lists since you like your life to be organized, you're calm and reserved and don't feel the need to be the center of attention. And then a squares hush really speaks of a guy who hits the gym regularly.

This man takes care of himself and gets up super early in order to have time for a workout. Don't be surprised if you see this guy out jogging with his dog, that's because a canine companion perfectly suits his caring and sensitive personality. Another benefit of that fit body and sweet personality is that you never feel a lack of attention from the ladies.

2. The bubble butt (a.k.a. the round but)
The bubble butt is super round and cirno looks like a globe, it's more typical on people with a slim body. In women the bubble butt signifies enviable willpower and self motivation, I mean not just anybody can be glorious it enough to spend long hours at the gym every day.

Girls with bubble booties prefer clothes that accentuate their beautiful behind, for example tight jeans for shorts, they also usually have a positive attitude and live life to the fullest. Social media plays an important role in their life, they love parties and tend to follow the latest fashion trends. In men the round bottom indicates a real guys guy, they spend a lot of their time at the gym where they prefer the weight room over any sort of cardio activities.

Bubble butted dudes are sociable, friendly and charming. They can always find enjoyment even in everyday life, they make great friends and are a blast to be around. At the same time, if you're in the bubble butt Club take a moment to consider whether or not you spend too much time working on your body, your loved ones might not see you often enough and really miss you.

3. Heart-shaped butt
This bum is smaller at the top towards the waist and larger at the bottom near the thighs, as a result it looks like an upside-down heart. In women, this butt shape is associated with someone who needs attention and social interaction, which speaks to their extroverted nature. You'll often find the heart-shaped butt on a people person, who can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.

If you're in this camp, you're probably quite flirty and charming, just be mindful that your incredible confidence can sometimes come off as bossy and arrogant, this may be the reason why you don't have many friends. In men, the heart-shaped button means big ambitions, you're rarely satisfied with your achievements, your life is a road from one goal to the next which can sometimes make you pretty tense.

But despite looking a bit on edge from time to time you have a great sense of humor and a pleasant extroverted personality, both men and women with heart-shaped booties are believed to be smart and intellectual. Besides they don't hesitate to express their thoughts and feelings openly.

4. The v-shaped butt
The v-shaped bottom is wider at the top and then gets narrower toward the bottom, making it look like the letter V. In women, the shape is associated with a strong personality, these ladies come across as determined or even a bit stubborn, they also have a tendency to be sarcastic, but what others don't know is that under this part outward she'll who's a sensitive and caring personality capable of compassion towards others.

In men, the v-shaped butt indicates a decision-maker, this guy knows how to solve a problem because he's always got a plan and several backups just in case. If you're this man, you're an instinctive peacemaker, at first people may perceive you as too intense and a bit arrogant but as soon as one gets to know you better, they start to appreciate your emotional intelligence and your fascinating personality.

What your butt says about your health.
The shape of your derriere doesn't just say a lot about your personality, it can also give you insight into your health, It's all got to do with where fat is stored. You see carrying your fat in your butt and hips is a lot better than storing it around your waist, which is harmful for your internal organs. So in this case, your booty fat protects you from diabetes high cholesterol and heart disease, doctors agree that if you've got some excess weight it's better if it's in the lower part of your body.

Now what does your butt shape in particular say about your health?, if you have this square shape but that most, likely accumulates in your stomach and love handles luckily you won't have serious problems if you decide to get rid of it, or at least keep it under control. If your bottom is round shaped your health is in really good condition, the small amount of fat that you do store in your behind is accumulated in the upper part of your buttocks.

If you have the heart shaped butT, you'll be all right as long as the fat stays where it is, unfortunately for people with this shape that likes to move northward toward the stomach as you age, on the right side people with heart shaped butts need less time than others to lose excess fat. So if you see you're starting to gather around your stomach it shouldn't be too hard for you to burn it off.

The v-shaped butt is more typical in elderly people, as the years pass in your hormones and activity level changes, the that used to be in the blood starts to move all over the body, that's why doctors recommend staying active in your later years to protect your heart from this wandering fact. Have you found out anything new about your personality based on your butt shape?