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7 Business Advantages of Using 'Cloud' Computing You Maybe Are Missing Out on!

Open a business periodical today, and there's a good chance you will come across some discussions of "cloud computing". Like many technology shifts, such as mobile computing and open source, there is no singular meaning to this concept. Instead, the cloud refers to services which are hosted remotely across a variety of servers accessible worldwide, which allows the services to scale with high levels of efficiency. Rather than operating independent silos or relying upon locally installed software, cloud services such as Google Docs and Amazon eZ2 provide consumers and developers alike with access to shared resources that open up new doors for business.

7 Business Advantages of Using 'Cloud' Computing You Maybe Are Missing Out on!

Access with improvement in broadband speeds
High speed internet bandwidth is nearly universally accessible. As a result, the costs of local computing have gone down while the productivity of working online has increased significantly. No matter how you access the Internet, you can use these services on your mobile device, laptop, desktop or even from a shared business computer.

Even if you're travelling across the world, your work files are just a single login away. As a result, it's easy for collaborators to work together on projects from remote locations. Talent is global today, and now you can leverage the best people to bring your ideas to life.

Rather than relying upon localised installations in order to update software, IT services and software makers can now centralise distribution and updates of software. As a result, programmers can reduce piracy while users can benefit from ease of access.

Previously, a single mission critical server or data centre was necessary to run large scale operations. With cloud computing, the inevitable shut down of servers doesn't have to take down an entire network. With a cloud setup, networks can continue to operate by routing traffic more efficiently.

Rich Media
With the transition to IP-based media, rich content such as video requires more bandwidth and rapid data transmission on services such as the Amazon EZS3 private video servers. Cloud computing makes this vision of Internet-based media a reality with fast transfer rates.

Remote access with mobile and laptop devices makes it more efficient to work wherever you are. As a result you can pack a lighter mobile device and feel confident you have access to all of the required resources.

The Internet was built upon freedom of expression. With distributed computing, individuals and organisations are free to express their ideas without fear of censorship. In an era where independent publications thrive, cloud computing is powering a new generation of voices.

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