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All About French Manicures

French manicure is a good way to have polished nails without drawing too much attention into your hands. The absence of color makes changing clothes easy, without having to think too much about clashing colors. French manicure is also more durable than a traditional manicure with colored polish because you cannot see chips easily. They are also more easily touched without being too visible.

What is the purpose of having a manicure, if you are only going to put clear nail polish on your nails? Why bother going through all the time and trouble, to look natural? We women do a lot of crazy things, and spend hours in the salon to make ourselves look beautiful naturally. Why should the manicure be different? Besides that, the paint is not really clear. Poles are two different colors. A very thin or white coat is applied to the tip of your nail and left to dry. Then all nails are painted with soft or pink beige, making the nails very clean and smooth, but not as dramatic as red or pink polish.

All About French Manicures

While French manicure may look almost natural, they are the most difficult type of manicure on your nails. Most salons charge more for French manicures, than ordinary manicures with one solid color. Some salons use real paint brushes, with very fine feathers to apply a thin white coat to the tip of the nail. Other salons will very quickly apply white coats without much attention to detail. Then they will return before the polish dries and removes excess color with an orange stick wrapped in cotton. This is interesting to watch. I always feel nervous when the manicure paints half of my white nails. I think to myself, good, I can do a better job at home with my eyes closed and I pay with hard-earned money to make a big mess. But then, he is always redeemed when he cleanses the rest and my nails look good. Seeing him perfect this skill easily, I was interested in trying this process at home. I made a big mess; I think next time I will submit this skill to professionals.

The popularity of having a French manicure began around the seventies, and is as popular today. People have been getting French manicure for years. You can see this type of manicure almost anywhere from magazines, to mothers at the grocery store. One rather interesting thing about French manicures is that they really don't have a target age range. Anyone from a teenager, until grandma can be seen wearing a French manicure, is something that cannot be said of most fashion trends.

In recent years, there have been new additions to the French manicure family. This is a French pedicure. They have all the flexibility and flexibility of a French manicure. I like being able to wear pink shoes, red shoes, or black shoes without having to rethink the paint of my toenails.

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