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These Are the Most Expensive Things in the World

These Are the Most Expensive Things in the World - 10 Incredible Things Only the Richest 1% Can Afford Let’s admit the truth of life: some people always try to impress others. How do they do it? Typically, with the help of things. And while some objects can amaze with their uniqueness or unusual design or outstanding quality, a number of them take first prizes because of their ridiculously high cost. And you will never guess how much money exactly people pay to own something unique!

Expensive Things

1. Blue dumplings 
Golden Gates restaurant in New York offer sits customers these dumpling, where apart from veal, pork, and beef there is one more ingredient. It is the gland of a deep water horned lantern fish, which gives the dumplings their peculiar blue tint. They are said to be exceptionally delicious, and clients give away their money to taste this wonder. And we speak about big money: a portion of 8 dumplings costs $2,400, a portion of $16 to $4,400.

2. A golden iPhone with a diamond. 
It’s not a regular iPhone 6. Luxury brand FALCON opened a new page in the history of the device. They have created a smartphone coated with gold or platinum and inlaid with a pink diamond. It costs $48 million. If you want to save a bit of money, there are cheaper models for you to choose. For example, models with an orange diamond will cost 42 and a half million dollars and with a blue one - 32 and a half million.

3. A bed decorated with gold and precious stones 
This luxurious bed by Stuart Hughes costs a whopping $6,3 million. Its frame is made from the best types of ash, chestnut, and cherry. All this magnificence is decorated with 235 lbs of 240-karat gold as well as diamonds and sapphires, all the decorating made by hand. That’s what you call sleep like royalty!.

4. A golden bicycle 
A bicycle covered with 24-karat gold is a sight to behold. The bike’s price starts from $392,000 - that is the price of the gold layer. The rest of the money (as the total cost is $400,000) is paid for service: imagine how hard it is to apply all this treasure to the bicycle, including every single detail, even the gear chain and the tips of the handlebars!The saddle  is covered with soft suede. The bike has racing tires as well, oh, you know, just in case, perhaps its owner will spontaneously decide to participate in the Tour de France.

5. A crocodile leather umbrella 
The most expensive umbrella in the world ismade of black crocodile leather and costs $50,000. This luxury item is produced by fashion brand Billionaire Couture, founded by Italian millionaire Flavio Briatore and designer Angelo Galasso. This umbrella’s water-resistance is specially enhanced.

6. Golden shoelaces 
A company called Mr.  Kennedy produces extraordinary goods. They weave gold and silver threads into the shoelaces. To make one set by hand usually takes about 120 hours. Two variants are available: made from silver and gold. A pair of golden shoelaces costs $19,000. They can be shipped internationally through a secure postal service, or a customer can choose elite delivery.

7. An electric wheel suitcase 
This cute suitcase’s price is $20,000. It’s made from different exotic materials, such as horsehair, ebony, magnesium, aluminum,titanium, and various kinds of leather. Also, its wheels have electric engines in them. If you need to turn them on, tilt the suitcase and pull on the handle - your luggage will go wherever the handle is indicating. Yep, your suitcase will follow you everywhere like a faithful dog?.

8. A vacuum cleaner inlaid with Swarovski crystals 
Have you ever wondered if your desire to tidy up your flat depends on how pretty your vacuum cleaner is? Well, if it does, then you definitely need to purchase this device!The vacuum is so expensive and sparkly that it even got into the Guinness World Records Book. It is decorated with 3,730 Swarovski crystals and costs $20,000. It was born from the cooperation of Electrolux and designer Lukasz Mistletoe. The creators declare that the main characteristic of the device is its ability to hoover up any crystals falling off its sides immediately. Maybe it’s their way of joking.

9. A diamond pacifier 
The most expensive pacifier in the world is made of silicone. The handle is white gold inlaid with 280 diamonds. Its cost is $17,000. But if this price seems unreasonably high, don’t worry!One company, based in Australia, produces pacifiers of a more economical range. You can buy a yellow and white gold one for $450 and a silver one - for $180.

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