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Scariest Things That Can Come Out Of Your Toilet

Scariest Things That Can Come Out Of Your Toilet - Potty. Bog. Crapper. The John. Thunder mug. Fudge pot. The National Trust. The underwater log cabin. So many nicknames for the humble toilet. It’s frequently the butt of jokes. The most abused household fixture with quite literally the crappiest job.

What goes into the toilet is scary, especially when it’s after a night out on the town where you ate a double order of nachos with refried beans and extra jalapenos. But sometimes nightmares lurk deep within the pipes under the toilet and emerge to terrify us. Here are some scary things that have come out of the toilet: On January 8, 2015, Stephanie Lacsa was in the second floor bathroom at work when she noticed the water in the toilet was unusually high.

As her PR firm’s office was in the Old San Diego City Hall which was built in 1886, she was used to occasionally dealing with stubborn antique pipes. However, she was not prepared for what was about to happen. Stephanie started using the plunger. As the water drained, a snake reared its head from the toilet, flicking its tongue.

Scariest Things That Can Come Out Of Your Toilet

Stephanie ran screaming out of the bathroom, and taped the door shut. She called the Department of Animal Services. When they arrived, they found a 5 and a half foot Columbian rainbow boa coiled on the floor behind the toilet. The agitated snake managed to bite one of the handlers while they were removing it from the office.

It was taken to an exotic animal quarantine and examined by a veterinarian. The boa was pronounced healthy, though it was a little underweight. It was also shedding. They thought it might have been in the pipes for a few days. Later Stephanie found out from her landlord that another tenant in the building had lost their snake. Stephanie’s not the only one who’s dealt with something slithering out of the toilet.

It’s a recurring, horrifying issue that gets even worse. An Israeli man was visiting his parents in the Galilee town of No fit, when he had touse the bathroom. Soon after he sat down, he felt a sharp, burning sensation on his genitals. He leaped up, only to see a snake in the toilet. A snake had bitten his. . . ahem snake. He was rushed to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

Thankfully the snake wasn’t venomous, but it still left a nasty bruise and probably a psychological scar. He’s not the only victim to have suffered such stressful serpentine shock. Men in Taiwan and Thailand have also suffered snake bites to their dangly bits. A lady in Queensland, Australia made a late night trip to the loo without turning on the lights and was bitten on the bum.

In fact several people on the internet have had their nether regions nibbled on by a snake when they sat on the throne. Even more people have been lucky enough to discover the snake in the toilet before they got down to business. Of course they’ve shared the nightmare inducing pics online. So how snakes do get into toilets? Well, snakes eat rats. They chase rats into sewers and end up going exploring.

Sometimes they get in via a leak in a septic tank or crawl in the vent stack on a roof which usually has a direct connection to the waste line in a house. The pipes under toilets have minimal water in them when not in use. Snakes like tight, dark spaces so it’s no trouble for them to navigate through a building’s sewer system.

Sometimes they just happen to find their way up through the pipes into some unlucky person’s porcelain throne. Snakes also enter dwellings through other means such as a pet door and the toilet makes a convenient hiding spot. Snakes aren’t the only reptile that’s been found in a toilet. In June of 2015, the Lindquist family of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was having trouble flushing their toilet.

After failing to improve the situation with a plunger, they called Roto Rooter for professional help. Plumber Alisa Scott used an auger to investigate the blockage. Suddenly Lily Linquist heard a blood curdling scream coming from the bathroom. Alisa had pulled up a 1.5 foot iguana from the toilet.

The plumber actually had to have the family help her remove it. Later she said it was the first time in 12 years of being a plumber that she had fished an iguana out of the toilet. Disturbingly, a plethora of other animals have been found in toilets or crawling outof toilets such as squirrels, rats, bats, birds, frogs, crickets, scorpions, possums and spiders.

In some cases the toilet owner has stayed cool and managed to capture the unwanted new bathroom friend with the aid of plungers, augers, hangars or bbq tongs. Then they’ve either put an end to the tiny beast’s adventurous life or released them back into the wild. Other times the unwanted visitor has caused an expensive plumber’s visit.

Often finding a dead animal is worse than finding a live one; dead animals may clog the pipers under the toilet causing terrible smells and require extensive plumbing work to remove a rotting, waterlogged corpse. Animals aren’t the only ones who’ve gotten stuck in toilets.

May 2013 - Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa. Passerbys heard yelling from the portable toilet at a construction site. When they went to investigate, upon opening the bathroom door, they were greeted with an amazing, yet disgusting sight. An unnamed man was stuck in the toilet. He was folded, his butt, lower trunk and thighs firmly wedged. Basically all that could be seen sticking out of the bowl was his lower legs, arms and head.

It took about 40 minutes for security, police and some good Samaritans to rescue the man. Other people stood around with their phones, documenting the odd situation for posterity. Eventually the man was released, unharmed, albeit with nasty clothes. There was no explanation for how the man got himself stuck deeply in the toilet, the space of the bowl was a regular size.

Some onlookers thought the man seemed high, allegedly his eyes were red and he seemed a little off. We bet that guy was super disgusted when he sobered up and realized what had happened. While that case of a human in a toilet was more gross than scary, this one is definitely creepy. Also in 2013, at White Water Park near Tulsa, Oklahoma, a mother and young daughter went into the women’s public restroom, only to discover a face peering up at them from the depths of the toilet.

The park’s facilities utilized a septic tank under a cement slab on which the bathroom rested. Plastic toilet seats were built over holes into the septic service. 52-year-old Kenneth Webster Enlow was caught crouched in the septic tank. . . soaking in these wage. Keystone Fire and Rescue helped Enslow climb out of the toilet and hosed him off with a firehose before he was arrested by local sheriff's deputies.

Enslow spouted a wild story, saying that his girlfriend named Angel had attacked him, hitting him in the head with a tire iron, knocking him unconscious and dumping him into the toilet before driving off. He had just woken up when the lady and her daughter came in to use the bathroom. Enlow was taken to the Tulsa County Jail where he was booked on a Peeping Tom complaint.

To the surprise of no one, no hide or hair of ‘Angel’ was ever found. The only injuries Enslow had were a few minor scratches consistent with scraping himself on the cement slab under the bathroom. What could be lurking in your toilet can definitely make it hard to drop the kids off at the pool.

Unfortunately, sometimes the non poop items humans purposely put in the toilet are even more terrifying. On Sunday, May 31, 2009 a Kish Air flight departed from Ahvaz, Iran bound for the Iranian capital of Tehran with 131 passengers aboard. Soon after take off, flight security guards found a handmade bomb in the bathroom in the toilet bowl.

The plane immediately returned to Ahvaz where the bomb was carefully removed and defused. Surprisingly, the flight immediately resumed after the bomb was removed. That’s not the only flight that someone has tried to blow up with a bomb in the toilet. In December of 2015, a plane carrying 459 passengers was travelling from Mauritius to Paris when it suddenly had to divert to Mombasa, Kenya about 3.5 hours into the flight.

A passenger had found a suspicious device in the toilet. The passengers were safely disembarked and were interviewed while the device was removed and detonated. Bombs have also been found in the toilet of a pub in the UK and the toilet of a training Uttar Pradesh, India. In both cases, thankfully the device was found before it exploded and removed by authorities with no one injured. Another surprise explosive was found in a toilet system in 2005.

The toilet in a home in Vicksburg, Mississippi kept experiencing problems. Unable to find the source of the blockage, a Roto-Rooter crew excavated the residential sewer main. They discovered a live Civil War cannon shell. For safety, an Army Ordnance disposal team had to remove the bomb. It’s believed the shell was leftover from Gen.

Ulysses S. Grant's 1863 siege of Vicksburg. People accidentally drop items in toilets all the time. Commonly, glasses, mobile phones and false teeth end up in the toilet and the owner has some squeamish moments trying to get said item out. Most of the time, the item simply falls into the bowl and is easily retrievable.

In 2015 in Poland at the archaeological site of a former school for swordsmanship, researchers found something unexpected that some poor soul once dropped down the privy and wasn’t able to or didn’t bother to retrieve. A dildo. The 150+ year old sex toy was very recognizable and well per served by the waste material it was dug out off. The antique adult product was made of leather, filled with bristles, and had a wooden tip. Once upon a time, someone’s romantic evening was probably quite spoiled. Jewellery is also frequently accidentally sacrificed to the great white god.

Sometimes the bill to retrieve the item is quite scary. In 2009 at the Black Bear Diner in Phoenix, Az a lady in advertently dropped and flushed her $70,000 diamond ring down the toilet. Several hours later, after city workers were unable to find the ring, Mike Roberts of Mr. Rooter was called. Using a fiber optical cable, Roberts was able to locate the ring which was stuck 300 feet down the sewer line.

After excavating the pipe, Roberts was able to recover the ring. The grateful owner paid Mr. Rooter $5,000 for the plumbing bill and a large unspecified amount to the restaurant to cover the cost of repairing their torn up floor. Sometimes items are purposely sent down the toilet in an effort to conceal nefarious deeds.

When a raid is pending, many law enforcement officers try to gain access to the building before hand and turn off the water supply to the toilet. This tactic can work for a restaurant or office building, but may seem suspicious for a residential dwelling. Often, authorities will carry wrenches with them during busts so they can check the trap, the curving channel inside the base of a toilet that leads from the hole at the bottom ofthe bowl to the drainpipe.

Sometimes items sent down the toilet will get stuck here. The process of authorities attempting to find evidence for drug mule cases used to be much more scary for agents at JFK and several other airports. However with the advent of ‘drug toilets’ in 2011, shifts became much more enjoyable. Basically drug toilets separate suspicious packages from poop.

Passengers suspected of being drug mules are detained and are put in a waiting room that only has the drug toilet available. Sooner or later the passengers have to relieve themselves. The waste material is captured from the toilet bowl and sent into a hermetically sealed agitation unit with a viewing panel.

Then water and detergent spray into the agitation area, washing away all the fecal matter. Officers then retrieve the drugs as evidence to assist in making their cases. The high tech drug toilet system is far more pleasant than the older method. Scary and unusual things both go in and come out of the toilet.

As a general rule of thumb, we suggest keeping the toilet seat down, never going to the bathroom in the dark and maybe taking a quick peek at the bowl before making a deposit at the bank. These simple steps might save you from a nightmarish toilet experience of your own. Has something weird or scary ever come out of your toilet? Let us know in the comments.