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10 Signs a Relationship is Moving too Fast

10 Signs a Relationship is Moving too Fast - Dating can be fun, refreshing and fulfilling, but it can also be straight-up confusing and a pain in the butt. Maybe you've been with your partner for a few weeks now and seem excited about the future,but how do you know your butterflies are because of them and not from fear of things not working out? Here are ten signs a relationship is moving too fast;

1. Your partner still talks about their ex. Knowing that you're someone's rebound hurts. If your partner still checks up on their exes social media, it's a dead giveaway that they're not fully invested in you.

2. You question your happiness when you're with them. All your actions say you want to be with them, you go on dates often and you mesh well with their friends but something still doesn't feel quite right.

3. You're making big decisions before even meeting the fam, or maybe you don't even know your partner's favorite color and yet, you're already talking about moving in together. Better run, that's like asking for a train wreck.

10 Signs a Relationship is Moving too Fast

4. Everyone around you is in a relationship, so you want to make it official. Who doesn't appreciate Instagram likes and sharing good news on Facebook? But if the idea excites you more than the person in front of you, you might be more concerned about fulfilling social expectations.

5. You trust them before getting to really know them. Playing hard-to-get is definitely not a healthy way to someone's heart, but neither is being vulnerable too soon. There are some things you should know about your partner first, like how well they can compromise and what they're like on bad days.

6. You think they're perfect. Putting your partner on a pedestal doesn't mean they're actually "the one". When you're overly infatuated, you fail to see your partner's flaws which plays a huge role in compatibility.

7. You mistake fighting for passion. Make up sex is great after a big fight, but if the two of you are doing that a lot, you might want to ask yourself if this is healthy and where the relationship is going.

8. You get impatient to hear back from them. Do you get mad when they respond to your text to slow or over analyze every single emoji,exclamation point and word? You want to make sure you're allowing your partner space.

9. You're ignoring the red flags. Does your partner want kids but being a parent was never on your radar or maybe you see yourself moving into a city but they prefer the countryside? You can only escape reality for so long until it catches up with you.

10. You've said "I love you" after a few dates. There's a difference between loving someone and being in love with them and people often realize it too late when they've already made future plans.

Do any of these signs sound familiar? What are some troubles you're facing in your relationship? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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