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6 Signs You May be too Hard on Yourself

6 Signs You May be too Hard on Yourself - Sometimes the worst critics are not the others but ourselves. What do you do when there is poison in you? You remove, but it's not as easy as pushing a delete button. A thought is not easily dismissed. But if we practice, they can be questioned and better handled, Whenever we are not so good to ourselves. These are 6 signs that you may be too hard on yourself.

1. You blame yourself for things you can't control. It's good to take responsibility for your mistakes. But when you're too hard on yourself, it's easy to forget that you're human too. When something doesn't go as you planned or expected, you tend to martyr yourself for the same thing you have. Given Your Best Instead of blaming yourself, accept what you can't change, and focus on the things you can to make the situation better.

2. You focus on the things you haven't achieved It's good to be ambitious and want to achieve your goals But if you start comparing your success with others, then you will forget your progress. Instead of feeling that you are not progressing, learn to appreciate your own. Journey Every one grows in your time, and just because you haven't gotten there yet, doesn't mean you won't. But remember, there's nothing like sudden success.

3. It's hard for you to accept compliments. When you're hard on yourself, you get into a cycle of self-relegation. So even when someone genuinely compliments you, you believe it's a lie. Not because of them, but because your self-criticism changes the way you see yourself. to your self-esteem a little push, surrounding yourself with those who love you and see the best in you. When you stay with people who remind you to practice self-love, you learn to accept yourself with your quirks and shortcomings.

6 Signs You May be too Hard on Yourself

4. You disregard your own ideas. Maybe we are not crazy scientists or brilliant artists, but we are all capable of being creative. But if you tend to give up on your ideas before sharing them, then you may be too hard on yourself. happen before you give up. We are often afraid to share our ideas because of failure. But ideas lead to progress, not perfection

5. You stay in the same mistakes. When you focus too much on your mistakes, you get stuck in the past that keeps you from following. Instead of martyring yourself for your mistakes, reflect and learn from them. It's impossible to live life without failing to hurt and hurt others. matter how your actions affect others. But it is different when you allow guilt to consume you

6. You never stop. If pushing is not productive, it only makes you feel worse. When you feel worse, your performance gets worse. Sometimes it's good to slow down and remember to have fun once in a while. If you only work your whole life, constantly chasing dreams, you waste it. time you would spend with those you love to make memories you can remember as you get older. So calm down, watch the sunset and let it roll.

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