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10 Behaviors that reveal someone is Gaslighting You

10 Behaviors that reveal someone is Gaslighting You - Some people are always looking for ways to use others for personal gain. These people will drive something or situation that involves you to achieve their desires. This behavior of the people is called gaslighting, which is a tactic of manipulating other psychologically to make someone self-doubting.

Anyone around you can be gaslighter. The effect is very dangerous for the mental. The victim may feel anxious, depressed, trigger a nervous breakdown, even a question about his own sanity. In this article, I'm going to share with you 10 dangerous behaviors that reveal someone is gaslighting you. To avoid getting caught in gaslighting, here are 10 behaviors that reveal someone is gaslighting you.

1. Delaying
When you are in a relationship your partner pretends not to understand or refuse to listento you that he doesn’t want to hear again about something to be fixed. Then, if you need them but they always have reasons to avoid you even though you have always done something for him.

2. Refusing
Someone who is gaslighting you will question your memory, even if you are sure you know what happened. He will say that it is not possible that you are wrong and you are forgetful, or you are making a fool.


3. Changing topic
Someone who is gaslighting you doesn’t want his weakness to be found, so he will change the topic you both are talking. Whereas, if you are in a relationship with gaslighter, your partner will end the conversation by silencing you or ignoring you.

4. Disrespecting
Disrespecting is intended to make someone inferior before others. If someone makes you feel low, helpless, constantly saying you are too sensitive, you need tobe careful that he is gaslighting you. Try to leave him to avoid further harmful thing.

5. Lying
A lie is main behavior indication to see that someone is gaslighter. If someone tells something that you know it is contradictive with something you really know. You need to be more cautious that you are being gaslighter.

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6. Blaming
This tactic is to avoid from mistakes and cover up deficiency by making others guilty. Being stuck in this situation will make you feel bad, and even you will agree that you are guilty.

7. Denial
Someone who is gaslighting you will deny anything you are questioning toward him, even though you have proofs to show. Yet, a gaslighter deny it until you are begin to questioning the reality and accepting his.

8. Not match between word and action 
To deal with someone who gaslights, you don’t need to see from what he is saying instead you need to look at what he is doing. The action is an issue rather than the words which means nothing. If someone treat you like that, it can be he is gaslighting you.

9. Telling others you are bad and crazy
When a gaslighter is done with you or you leave him because you don’t want to get bad thing anymore by telling people that he is abusive,he will tell people that you have problem of sanity to make them don’t believe in you.

10. Widening arguments
This becomes a tactic to confuse concentration when you are in a conversation or debate like attacking your personal side, not your argument anymore. Until finally you are confused to what you are talking about.

Well, those are the 10 behaviors that reveal someone is gaslighting you.

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