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How to Make Your Phone Charge Fast as Possible

How to Make Your Phone Charge Fast as Possible - Hey there! So you’re scrolling through the newsfeed when you get a message in another app. You try to switch to it, but your phone is awfully slow to react and then -- stops responding altogether. And it’s also almost out of power! It’s a twofer! So how do you optimize it and charge it fast?

How to Make Your Phone Charge Fast as Possible

1. Close everything you don’t use
Every app you open once stays in the background until you close it or reboot your phone. It’s stored in the memory for quick access, so naturally, the more apps you’ve got opened, the slower your device. If you close them all or at least those you haven’t used for a long time, you’ll notice the difference in performance.

2. Update your firmware
Your phone’s manufacturer is constantly working on improving your experience with the device, especially if it’s a new model. The newer firmware is available to download and install online, and you should receive notifications about the updates by default. If you don’t, then check for updates manually in the settings — might be you missed an opportunity to make your phone work better!

3. Get rid of anything that moves
This includes live wallpapers, widgets, and app animation, to name a few. Everything that floats and wiggles on your screen use up additional resources, although it does look cool, granted. To make your phone the best performer, use instead static wallpapers, delete all widgets, and disable any additional animation.

4. Update your apps
When it comes to tech and software, new is almost always better. Newer versions of your apps work faster, get rid of errors of their predecessors, and generally are easier on the system. If automatic update isn’t on, check the apps manually and press Update where available. It’s also a good way to remember which apps you don’t regularly use and remove them. Speaking of which…

5. Reboot your phone
Did you try turning your device off and on again? Yeah, I know it’s annoying. But it works! By rebooting your phone, you clear the RAM, or random-access memory, from everything that clutters it, and that speeds it up. It stops even those processes that you didn’t know we're running. Think of it as letting your device have a nap — your brain needs sleep to recover, and so does your phone.

How to Make Your Phone Charge Fast as Possible

How to Make Your Phone Charge Fast as Possible

6. Clear the cache
The cache is the information different apps accumulate in order to run faster with every following startup. This info is stored in your device’s memory and with time it starts to weigh heavy on the system, slowing it down. You can clear the cache manually for each app, but there are free solutions available in the PlayStore and App Store that will do it much faster.

7. Remove apps you stopped using
Just like with computers, things you have installed on your phone take up space and leave other traces in the system. They may also have permissions that allow them to track your location, access your camera, and much more. Uninstalling the apps you don’t have a need for anymore will not only improve performance but make your phone hold charge longer.

8. Clear your messages
A single text message may not take much space, but tons of them weigh literal tons, memory-wise. If you haven’t checked your SMS storage for a while, it’s high time you do just that. Delete everything you don’t need and go to settings to set up deleting all messages older than 30 days — this way, you’ll never have too much garbage cluttering your phone.

9. Control your background data
Some apps, such as location and weather ones, use up data in the background with you none the wiser. They constantly refresh to keep up to date, so they can really slow you down at some point. Go to the settings and disable apps you don’t need in Background App Refresh menu of iPhone or turn on Restrict Background Data on an Android device.

10. Troubleshoot faulty apps
Even a single app lagging behind may slow down the whole system. If you know what it is, solve the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the culprit or, if you use Android, just clear the cache in the app settings. It will only remove temporary files, though, so if it doesn’t help, choose Clear Data instead — you’ll have to enter all the info again then, for example, you previously saved passwords, but it should resolve any issues this app caused.

11. Force reset
If everything fails and your device has turned into a brick with a screen, look up online a button combination that forces your exact make and model reset even when it’s frozen. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any data — this trick is just the same as simply turning the device off. When you turn it back on, your phone will most likely work just fine, and you can try to find what caused the crash in the first place.

How to Make Your Phone Charge Fast as Possible

12. Charge your phone faster
Many modern phones come with a built-in fast-charging system that allows them to pick up juice two or even three times faster than usual. The only catch is that you need the original charger for that. But if your model doesn’t support that feature, or you don’t have your charging device at hand, you can resort to using a laptop charger instead.

It comes with a higher wattage, which means higher energy output, so your phone will goto full charge more swiftly. Just make sure your device can survive it — if the laptop charger has more watts than the maximum number written in your phone’s specs, it will likely fry your device.

In that case, unfortunately, you’ll have to make do with the phone’s own charger. If the charger’s wattage is lower, though, you can safely plug it in and enjoy the speed. Just don’t overuse this tip as it might wear down your phone’s battery sooner than you like.

13. Check the temperature
Your phone is very sensitive – temperature-wise: if it’s too hot or too cold, it’ll experience all kinds of issues, from working really slow to crashing altogether. If the outside temperature is moderate, check if your device isn’t overheating from inside. Monitor the temp with a special app or just use your hand as an indicator: the phone shouldna be hot to the touch while charging or using apps. If it is, consider changing your charger or going to the service center.

14. Move to the cloud
Full to the brim internal memory won’t really slow down your phone, but it’s a pain when you want to take a photo, shoot a video, or download an app. The simplest way to free up some space on your device is to transfer all available files to cloud services. They’re convenient in more ways than one: you can access your files from any device, and they’ll stay intact even if you lose your phone or factory reset it.

15. Cut down on data usage
Browsing can get really slow when you’ve exceeded your data limit for the day. You can control it by manually disabling background data usage in the separate app settings onAndroid or by tapping Settings => Mobile Data and turning off the switches for each app on iOS. This will prevent the selected apps from using cellular networks for updates and only uses-Fi instead, when available.

How to Make Your Phone Charge Fast as Possible

16. Try custom launchers
Play Store has a nice variety of launchers that replace your home screen and allow you to customize it in many more ways than usual. With a little tweaking, you can increase the performance of your phone by as much as 50%. And these launchers look cool too! Add to that them being mostly free, and the answer is clear. iPhone users have a smaller choice, and their apps are paid, but a couple of bucks for a faster device seems to me like a fair price.

17. Root your device
If you’re an Android user, you can get root access to your phone, which offers new opportunities altogether. For example, you can install a custom ROM, or read-only memory, that acts like firmware update, or overclock your CPU to get it working faster. Bear in mind, though, that rooting your device instantly voids your warranty, so only use it if you’re sure of what you’re doing, and preferably when your phone has already exceeded warranty. So there are some secrets to you. - How to Make Your Phone Charge Fast as Possible

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