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How to Prevent and Protect Car From Theft

How to Prevent and Protect Car From Theft - You love your car and you can't imagine your life without it. It’s your baby! But what have you done to protect it from all the bad guys who might be after it? It turns out even simple little things, like stickers, window etching, or taking the manual out of it can help!

How to Prevent and Protect Car From Theft

1. Don't attract thieves
In many cases, it's not the car the thieves are after. It's that shiny new laptop you dropped at the front seat. Or maybe your designer purse that looks like it's stuffed full with valuables. Things like that are hard to resist, and often lead to a break-in. So take an extra moment to hide your belongings in the trunk, and your vehicle will be less tempting for criminals.

2. If you like it then you should have put a sticker on it
One thing car thieves don't like is getting caught. Another thing they aren't big fans of is a rear window sticker that informs there is an alarm or tracking system installed. They know it might not be true, but chances are they won't want to check it.

3. Mark it
You don't have to put a leopard print on your vehicle, but you can get its ID number engraved on each of the windows and light covers. Replacing the glasses to sell the car will cost them extra money, and thieves aren't enthusiastic about it. You can also play spy and leave marks on different parts of the car with an invisible pen, or cover it in microdots with your ID details. This won't stop thieves but will make it way easier to track the vehicle if it gets stolen.

How to Prevent and Protect Car From Theft

4. Don’t leave the engine running
Believe me, it only takes a moment for a car to be stolen. It could be that very moment you left it to grab a coffee at a gas station. Or that time you started the engine on a cold winter morning and went back inside to read your morning paper in the warmth of your house.

5. Remember there is no such thing as totally safe
Even if you live in a calm neighborhood with respectable adults around, bad guys can get in there, unless there are guards at the entrance to the block. So when you park by your front door after a hard day at work, you still have to lock your vehicle. In fact, double-check if you did. Thieves cruise neighborhoods at night in search of unlocked cars. You don't want them to be lucky, right?

6. Keep those windows closed, too
If they can stick one finger inside, criminals will rock their way in to go further and get the door unlocked from the inside. So make it a ritual before you leave to check if your windows are closed, too, not just doors.

How to Prevent and Protect Car From Theft

7. Always keep an “eye” on your keys
Are you hiding them somewhere under your car not to get locked out someday? Criminals know about this little trick just like they know about your house keys under the doormat. A handbag on a coffee shop chair, the stairs or a little table by the front door of your house aren't the perfect places for your keys either.

8. Park in the right places
Don’t leave your four-wheeled friend ina dark neighborhood with a bad reputation and no security cameras. Aim for a well-lit area and try to get as close to business entrances as you can. Those places always have security cams. A parking garage is not the worst option, but if it’s isolated, you’re putting yourself at risk. Again, try to stay close to a security cam to discourage those bad guys.

9. Watch how you park it
When you park your car, always use emergency brake and lock the steering wheel. Make sure there is some obstacle, like a wall or curb in front of the vehicle. It will give thieves a much harder time trying to tow away your property. This is especially powerful on an incline. Do you park cars this way? Let me know in the comment section below.

10. Be careful with public parking lots
It comes in handy to leave your vehicle as you go shopping, watch a game of sports or fly away, but public parking lots are all thieves' favorite. Because they are open to the general public, anyone can wander around picking the car they like and checking if it has any security measures. So be extra careful when you must park there and try to find a spot closest to the building entrance and under a security cam.

11. Don't try to override your car
So you've found a perfect dark isolated spot for your ride in the parking garage of your apartment complex, thinking it's safe because no one will find it. Well, thieves will! And they're going to love it. Isolation means less attention to them, as well. And since they're smart and usually get in there at night, chances are no one will interrupt them at all. And if someone does walk in there, they'll hear it and have enough time to disappear.

12. Don’t ignore physical extra precautions
A lot of insurance companies offer good deals to car owners that care to install physical anti-theft devices. They know bad guys will think twice and most likely decide not to try breaking into a well-protected vehicle. There are all sorts of locks: a steering wheel lock also known as the club, tire lock (this one is often used by the police on improperly parked vehicles), and hood locks.

How to Prevent and Protect Car From Theft

A baby monitor with night vision and audio can also scare away criminals. And if not, you'll have perfect proof they were there. The car alarm also works as an excellent thief-deterrent with its loud sound.

13. Don’t leave your vehicle registration inside
Leaving your vehicle registration in the car is like giving carte blanche to criminals. They can easily present it to police officers when stopped. And your insurance information and VIN can help them get new keys made to unlock the car no problem. If you aren’t the only person using the car, find some secret place to hide the registration and only tell your closest buds about it.

14. Your car manual doesn’t belong there either
It’s not the instructions on how to work that machine the thieves are after. It’s the secret valet key you might even not know about. You can normally find it in the back of the manual or pop it out of a plastic insert. And you can unlock the driver’s door and even start the vehicle with it!

15. Take extra care if you have an older car
Thieves do love luxury sports cars, but they will often aim for an older ride just because it's way easier to steal. Cars manufactured more than 20 years ago have an ignition system that's really easy to crack if you know how to do it. So if you're a vintage fan, add some physical protection to your favorite set of wheels.

16. There is no such thing as «unwanted» car
Thieves steal cars of different makes and even colors for different jobs. An anonymous-looking white van, for example, is perfect for transporting stolen things. Some cars are stolen for older hard-to-find details, others – for their super-powerful engines.

17. Spice up your life
If your ride is particularly desirable to thieves and hard to get, they can start spying on you to figure out the best time to get it. So if you start your engine every day at 8, then stop at the same coffee shop and driveaway to your office on the same route, you might be helping them plan a crime. They could plot an attack when they find the weakest link of this logical sequence. So shuffle things up a bit.

How to Prevent and Protect Car From Theft

18. Install a tracking system
If your car isn't equipped with it, get an ita GPS tracker. It might not prevent the worst from happening, but it will be super helpful at locating your ride if it gets stolen. Or there’s my personal favorite. You can forget about all 18 of these ideas if you simply take public transit. No worries.

Okay, that’s too simple. Alternatively, you can choose to drive a really well maintained pre-owned car that looks like junk from the outside. Highly likely it’ll be there the next morning. - How to Prevent and Protect Car From Theft