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Signs You Have Good Intuition

Signs You Have Good Intuition - Intuition is defined as a feeling or image based on abstract thinking and suppositions, not on reality. Since the beginning of psychology, this issue has been extensively studied.

Intuition is important because it helps us understand the world and the people around us. Everyone has intuition, but not everyone can fully understand and use it Only relatively few are endowed with strong intuition. Wondering if you are such a person? Here are 7 signs of good intuition

Signs You Have Good Intuition

1. You get carried away quickly
Have you been called a sensitive and empathic person? Awareness of your own emotions is important in understanding intuition, which can often manifest as a feeling or suspicion. It facilitates deciphering what this premonition means. You will be able to easily scan your surroundings and find non-verbal signs about a person's feelings. For example, facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, etc.

Signs You Have Good Intuition

2. You rate the character well
Do you sense when someone has a negative aura? Is the first impression people have made on you often true? People find it difficult to deceive you because increased awareness allows you to see hidden intentions more easily. People may say that you over-analyze the details, but your intuition allows you to predict what others cannot.

3. Suddenly you realize something
If you often get random thoughts out of nowhere, you have good intuition. These thoughts can be visions, sounds, feelings or ideas. This leads to the brightening thoughts of revelation. You may suddenly recall something that has not previously caught your attention, find an unexpected answer or solution, or come up with how much better you could have a recent conversation. All this shows that you think and process information deeper than most. Which brings us to the next point.

4. You philosophize
According to a 2012 study by Chaffey and others, most people with high intuition have an analytical mind and deep thoughts. Do you believe that life has meaning, is full of connections and symbolism? Do you pay attention to signs from the Universe, such as a coincidence, accidental meeting or random event? Your mind can catch all the subtleties and nuances in conversation or interaction, and find patterns in your life.

5. You are interested in mysticism and occultism
According to Klein's study, many people view intuition as a gift from another world. This is probably why many people with high intuition are attracted to the traditions of mysticism and occultism as well as mythology and folklore. These people believe in the power of the Universe, which speaks to them through intuition. They are drawn to things related to divination like astrology, tarot, numerology, etc. because they want to learn more about how their intuition works. Do you belong to such people?

6. You have meaningful dreams
Dream interpretation is a very interesting issue of depth psychology. People with high intuition are usually very good at it. Probably because intuition connects consciousness with the subconscious. Do you, unlike the majority who forget their dreams as soon as they wake up, often have intense, meaningful dreams that you can easily remember and understand? Some of them may even come true. You often experience deja vu when the real situation is similar to your dream. And finally

7. You have a strong, inner voice
For people with high intuition, one of the best and easiest ways to stand out is the rich inner world. If you have a good intuition, when making decisions, you usually follow your heart with what is right for you. Even if you can't explain it. You trust that you know what is good for you without much thought.

Your intuition guides you in a way that you do not yet fully understand. Intuition is a powerful tool for those who can release it and use it properly. Few people have this extraordinary gift and most often misunderstand it. Sometimes you can reject thoughts too quickly because you don't quite understand where it came from. However, this is the first tip of having good intuition. You just don't know about her yet. - Signs You Have Good Intuition

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